Showing support through coffee subscriptions

As most of Europe heads into a second lockdown, a number of industries are being forced to either shut or run at minimum capacity. In Berlin, it is currently the Gastronomy industry that is being most affected with the recent restrictions, but these restrictions create an echo far beyond a café, restaurant or bar located in this great city.

During the first lock down, many small businesses created a voucher system whereby customers wanting to show their support would purchase a voucher for something that could be redeemed once the business re-opened.

Now as we enter the second lock down we wanted to shine a light on another way you as a consumer could show support for, not only small businesses within the city, but for their supply chains that are also heavily affected by the global crises.

Don’t get us wrong, buying a voucher is a really nice way to support your local, but as a Specialty Coffee Roastery who works closely with coffee farmers, producers, importers and exporters it’s not just our business that is being touched. For this reason, we have created several coffee subscriptions to keep you and/or your loved ones caffeinated over the holiday season.

Why is this important to us and our partners?

A coffee subscription allows us to better plan and schedule our green coffee purchases from farmers who are otherwise struggling to sell their high quality coffee. Knowing in advance and having the security of a sale positively impacts everyone in the production chain.

Not only that, specialty coffee farms are typically owned and operated by families and community collectives, when you subscribe to having specialty coffee delivered every month, you are directly positively impacting small business owners in (mostly) developing countries.

How does this benefit you?

There is nothing quite as devastating as realising you’ve run out of your favourite brew! With a coffee subscription, you’ll never have to worry about using up the last of your beans.
It’s also an excellent opportunity to try new things, by opening yourself up to the wonderful world of Specialty Coffee and experiencing the vast range of flavours and aromas.

And lastly, with knowledge comes appreciation. In the monthly subscription newsletter, you will also receive coffee information about the varietal, the farmer, the farm and the local community who have invested not only money, but experience, education and knowledge into producing each and every coffee cherry. We choose to be transparent and share this information with consumers for them to better understand all the steps that go into producing a bloody good cup of coffee.

If you would like to show support to us and help us to support our partners, jump online and start your 19grams coffee subscription. We have created several options for your or your loved ones to enjoy!